Who were the citizen soldiers?

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As the world became engulfed in war, people from all walks of life heeded the call to step forward and join the Allied fight. Ordinary citizens took up arms to become soldiers in the best army in the world, and the bravery of these citizen soldiers ultimately brought about an end to World War II.

These men and women were average folks, leading average lives, who sacrificed their own safety and security to fight the devastation of the War levied by the Axis powers. Across the globe and on the home front, citizen soldiers possessed the passion and patriotism to be ready on a moment’s notice to protect their country. The freedom and liberties we enjoy today are a direct result of the service of citizen soldiers in our times of need.

The C-47 citizen soldier

Under the cover of darkness before dawn on June 6, 1944, hundreds of C-47s crossed the English Channel carrying paratroopers who would bravely plunge into darkness ahead of the siege by water hours later. These iconic C-47s were not originally designed to be military aircraft. Its original incarnation was a civilian DC-3 airliner, glamorously jetting across the country and globe with passengers for business and pleasure.

Called to War, the plane was commissioned the military C-47 transport workhorse, used extensively by Allied forces. This “civilian soldier” donned its military greens and found a place in the history books.

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