Our Film – DC-3 Society


The story of the D-Day Squadron re-mapping the journey across the Atlantic to honor the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.

Into Flight Once More


Narrated by Gary Sinise
Benovia Winery and The Green Foundation present a Sound Off Films production
in association with the Tunison Foundation, The D-Day Squadron, the DC-3 Society
and Fisher Automotive

Directed by Adrienne Hall
Executive Producers: Joe Anderson, George McCrimlisk, and Mac Sinise
Producer: Gina Papabeis
Co-Executive Producer: Eric Zipkin
Associate Producers: Jon Helminiak, Moreno Aguiari, Lyndse Costabile, Bryan Douglass


Special donor invitation to a film screening of our D-Day 75th anniversary documentary.



Choose between a mounted commemorative D-Day Challenge coin or the D-Day Photo Book honoring the DDay75th events, A Fortress With No Roof.



We will acknowledge a veteran of your choice at a D-Day Squadron film event or screening.



In addition to a veteran tribute, you will receive a 12x16 framed rendition of our Northern Atlantic route flown June 2019, the Blue Spruce Route.



The featured stories of the journey and its trials, with those beginning in the US and ending in Normandy, will include:

On an airstrip in Connecticut, a squadron of World War II-era DC3/C47 airplanes is forming… the distinctive, throaty roar of their massive radial engines stirring up memories and challenges. Lovingly restored and flown here by passionate aviators from all over the country, each plane represents an investment of money and countless hours to honor the Greatest Generation who sacrificed their lives to protect freedom worldwide.

Their Mission

To fly from Connecticut to Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, England and finally across the English Channel to Normandy, France where, on June 6, 2019, the members of this remarkable squadron join roughly 500,000 people from all over the globe to celebrate the75th Anniversary of D-Day. The squadron members’ backgrounds and personal motives differ, but what unites them in recreating this historic journey is their commitment to honoring the veterans that secured peace for all of us and celebrating their return home. For many of the men and women who served in World War II, seeing the vintage airplanes again sparked memories long held deep inside. At each stop on the journey from the United States to France, we will meet veterans as they reconnect with the planes that flew, provisioned, rescued, supported and meant so much to them during wartime.

Join us in creating this film to celebrate the squadron and the dedicated men and women who traveled with it to honor the legacy of those who served.