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As time marches forward, fewer World War II veterans remain with us. The D-Day Squadron believes in the importance of remembrance and education to ensure the memory of these brave soldiers – and the significance of World War II – is fully appreciated for generations to come. Donor support is crucial to this effort. Funds raised will be used for the safe passage of the American C-47 fleet to France.

Join us and support history in the making. Your donation will be judiciously used to safely transport the American fleet of C-47s to the Daks Over Normandy event in June 2019, and help make preparations for an ongoing educational outreach program honoring the civilian soldiers who’s bravery helped end a world war.

“100 in Normandy”

In a monumental effort of honor and respect, the D-Day Squadron will recruit and host one veteran and one student from each state in America to be on the ground to experience the Daks Over Normandy flyover in France. In the pivotal spot that marked the beginning of the end of the War, past and future generations will stand side by side to observe the significance of this historic event. These “100 in Normandy” will be the special guests of the D-Day Squadron, made possible by the generous support of donors of the D-Day Squadron.

Pledge your support to make this dream a reality for veterans and youth across our country.